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Witness The Big Bang At Dynamic Earth In Edinburgh

A trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh is unlike any other place on the planet.

What is Dynamic Earth In Edinburgh?

It’s a chance to see how nature’s primal forces formed our globe, travel across space and time, and even take a 4D adventure throughout the world. You’ll be taking part in an interactive journey that will last a lifetime – our planet’s lifetime. In their Deep Time Machine, go back to the beginning of time and see the big bang firsthand. See stars burst on the far side of the galaxy as you fly across the cosmos in a spaceship travelling billions of times faster than the speed of light. Feel the earth tremble as molten lava flows directly towards you, and volcanoes spew ash and gas into the sky. The polar ice caps are brought closer to you, allowing you to touch an iceberg for the first time. As you stand beneath the Aurora Borealis, you can see your breath, smell the cold, and feel your hands become numb. Fly high above icy glaciers and marvel at their strength as they carve continents out of the ground. It’ll seem so genuine from your dizzying height that you’ll nearly believe you’re there before you plummet from the sky and fall beneath the waves.

Children at Dynamic Earth In Edinburgh
Children at Dynamic Earth In Edinburgh


Join Dynamic Earth on a thrilling voyage to the furthest reaches of our solar system and back. You’ll be able to witness the limits of human exploration in real time and follow in the footsteps of some extremely exceptional space missions. In this topsy-turvy moment, their beginner-friendly space trip offers a chance for some cosmic perspective.  After the programme, you’ll get the opportunity to speak with their resident astronomer, Dr Alastair Bruce. 


Supervolcanoes is an immersive planetarium performance that looks back at uncommon types of eruptions that have harnessed the energy that lies beneath the surface of planet Earth, like a sleeping dragon. The show goes beyond Earth to investigate the effects of massive volcanic eruptions throughout our solar system. Audiences will be transported to Neptune’s icy moon Triton, as well as Jupiter’s moon Io, the ultimate volcanic world. During a visit to Yellowstone National Park, a renowned North American hotspot, the video explores the possibility of a supervolcano erupting in our lifetime.

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