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Doune Castle

Visit this 14th-century courtyard castle with a 100-foot gatehouse and one of Scotland’s best-preserved great halls.

Explore this 14th-century courtyard fortress in Doune, which has a towering 100-foot gatehouse and one of Scotland’s best-preserved great halls.

For the Regent Albany, the imposing Doune Castle was constructed. The magnificent Lord’s Hall, with its carved wood screen, musicians’ gallery, and double fireplace, is housed in the stunning keep-gatehouse. This was utilised as a filming site for Ivanhoe and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, both produced by the BBC.

You might also recognise Doune Castle as Winterfell in the pilot episode of the award-winning TV series Game of Thrones, as well as Castle Leoch in Outlander.

In the kitchen servery, learn how large meals were cooked, and take in the breathtaking views of the River Teith and Ben Lomond from the battlements.

A steep, cobbled (but largely timbered) tunnel leads to the castle courtyard and cellar, which has an exhibit. For the determined, assisted access is available, but it is challenging. A variety of stone structures, such as the well in the courtyard, can be touched by visitors.

The filming site for Outlander

In the 18th century episodes, the beautiful Doune Castle serves as a stand-in for the mythical Castle Leoch, which is home to Colum MacKenzie and his clan. It also appears in the 20th-century episode, as Claire and Frank go on a day excursion to see the castle in ruins.

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