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Top 3 Museums To Visit If You Have Passion For Fashion

Have you ever wondered how to bring your fashion-victim friends to the cultural edge? Here are three museums that can inspire your next outfit.

National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh has one of the most eclectic museums that anyone can visit, hosting nature, technology, and fashion among its galleries. “Fashion & Style” is an historic journey throughout the last centuries, and, you will feel like a time traveller throughout your visit, where you will connect the interactive displays this gallery features with timeless collections from past and current generations. You will converge your contemporary taste with the 60’s and 70’s input of Jean Muir, which will conquer the most cutting-edged closet approaches. You will see an emphasis on human silhouettes, complements, and evolutions. You will see the comparisons, evolutions, that the human body underwent as a result of fashion demands. The gallery hosts the collections of Marion Donaldson, who will bring you the colourful tones, straight to your eyes. The impact these designers had on the national and international runways is also important to understand the world of fashion.

National Museum of Costume at Shambellie House Trust

You might want a remote location, with a perfect balance of history and privacy. That’s why Shambellie House is not just a location to immerse in the vision and mission of the designers and curators, through physical evidence as well as paintings. In addition, you can acquire unique and valuable knowledge through periodic workshops, which combine technical learning with creative focus from the enthusiastic tutors, while breathing all the patterns, textiles, and fabrics. The peace, proximity to the seaside, and Shabellie in-house creations make the National Museum of Costume an ideal setting for expressing yourself and materialising your inspirations, as well as having a colourful day out!

Shabellie House also teaches photography and painting.

Glasgow Museums

If you look for different collections, with a high curatorial approach, and preserve the authenticity of unique pieces, you will enjoy with pleasure the exhibitions hosted by Glasgow Museums. The curation of this collection represents the key timelines where the costumes have the main developments throughout the time, encompassing mediaeval uniforms, embroidery, and needlework. In this collection, you will find 17th century techniques, textiles, combined with samples and patterns from the Turkey Red printed cotton industry. In addition, you can find the Scottish jewellery collection with several types of rings, brooches, badges, and insignias, representing transport.

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