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The Ultimate Chocolate Experience

learn about chocolate in a new way, build your own bar, and taste chocolate you’ve never even heard of before!

The Chocolatarium in Edinburgh offers a 90 minute chocolate tour where you will learn about chocolate in-depth and try some delicious treats! Here we will go through the steps of the classic Chocolate tour.

1. The Cacao Jungle

See and feel the fruits from the chocolate trees, and learn everything you can about cacao growers and how they cultivate this “food of the gods” for yourself! It is actually a fact that it takes 5 full years for a cacao tree to develop its fruit and the growing time takes around 10 years!

2. Chocolate Factory Kitchen

Discover how these bitter beans are converted into the smooth, delicious and silky delicacy that we all love and enjoy. And as we are sure you will be delighted to hear that the Chocolatarium also offer tasters during this part of the experience!

3. Make Your Own

Make your very own Scottish chocolate, be creative whilst having plenty of fun, you can then take your wonderful chocolate creations with you as a treat to delve into later on! In fact, you could even create a chocolate Greyfriar’s Bobby, a chocolate Nessie, or perhaps a  delicious chocolate Edinburgh Castle out of chocolate!

4. The History of Chocolate

Discover more than 5000 years of interesting chocolate history and learn how the Aztecs would have eaten chocolate. Learn about chocolate in-depth and discover chocolate facts you may have never heard before! Did you even know chocolate had been discovered all them years ago?

5. The Tasting Room

This could well be the main reason you decide to book this tour! The Chocolatariums great collection of chocolates both from the Scottish as well as the international chocolate manufacturers is available in the Tasting Room. You may select from over 30 different flavours, ranging from dark chocolate, haggis chocolate, milk chocolate, Chilli chocolate, Japanese chocolate, gin and tonic chocolate, and so many more. Dark chocolate is the most popular flavour, followed by milk chocolate and haggis.

This tour will definitely be worth your while with plenty of experiences revolving around the wonderful world of chocolate!

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