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Exclusive Speakeasies Worth a Visit in Scotland

The best hidden bars in Scotland!

We have listed our top recommendations for the speakeasies hidden in Scotland!

What is a speakeasy?

A speakeasy is where alcoholic drinks would be sold illegally, hence all these speakeasies secret locations. Locals would drink in these hidden bars where alcohol was brewed secretly. They were named speakeasies due to the visitors usually speaking quietly or whispering so the police found it very hard to find where the speakeasies were truly hidden. This happened during the era of prohibition as people didn’t want to give up alcohol.

These days speakeasies aren’t necessarily needed as they are legal and them being in hiding is unnecessary. However, for our era, we like to explore the excitement people would have felt during the 20s when sneaking into speakeasies that they had discovered. Finding these secret bars can still give us a sense of curiosity and a thrill when discovering what lies beneath the cover.

Panda & Sons

“The Barbershop”

79 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 4NF

The local “Barbershop” is still open whilst charging only 25 cents for a haircut?!

Panda&Sons is the typical example of a speakeasy! It appears to be something it isn’t and the bar is hidden just down the stairs upon entry. Although the bar is still hidden within the building.

The entrance into the bar appears as a bookshelf at the end of the stairs, to keep it completely hidden in case the police come ‘a’ knocking! When entering the bar it is like a new world, you will be truly shocked by how this building could have a bar hidden just below. Passers-by may not even know about this speakeasy and would just assume it was truly a shutdown barber?

The bar was opened in November of 2013. Grandpa Walt, Panda and his sons Rupert and Benson opened up the bar together planning on creating a family-friendly space with amazing cocktail recipes to impress their customers!

Featuring beautiful and delicious cocktails they did not fail to create some wonderful cocktail recipes! There are plenty of cocktail menus for you to choose from. Each list is written as a chapter of their cocktail storybook. Each menu is introduced with the impressive techniques that have been used within the menu and throughout the drink recipes within each chapter. Featuring techniques such as freeze-drying, chamber vacuum and ultrasonic infusions!

The Berkeley Suite

“The Pawnbroker”

237 North St, Glasgow G3 7DL

The Pawnbroker is now closed. However, the speakeasy below is open for business, but be sure to keep it a secret! Upon entry of the Pawnbroker, you will see the beautiful interior within that is truly a wonderful bar.

Walking through the front door you are greeted by a staircase that leads you down to the seating area and bar. The inside appears a lot bigger than you would imagine from the outside looking in.

With the atmosphere of the bar, it could be considered a club but we feel it is far too classy for that! This bar stays open until very late so is the perfect ba to end up at or to spend your whole night in. With plenty of events taking place in this bar, it is always filled with excitement and something new to discover. they are known for having amazing DJ’s play in their venue which tends to always end with the dance floor completely full!

Bullard & Worth

“Bryant & Mack Private Detectives”

87-89 Rose St N Ln, Edinburgh EH2 3DX

From the outside, this building looks forgotten and definitely not like it would be a welcoming bar. Who would be insane enough to enter a random building that says ‘Private Detectives’ on the front window? Although this is an extremely intriguing building which is definitely worth the visit!

Enter this speakeasy and become a detective! Our challenge for you is to discover which cocktail is simply the best. Upon entry, it will feel as if you have entered a private bar strictly for the best detectives with the secrecy and the swanky bar within. Even the menus are designed for true detectives in confidential envelopes, hiding their secret cocktail recipes.

With a warm and classy atmosphere, the interior is beautiful. With comfy plush sofas, wooden tables, floors and chairs it really is the perfect swanky hangout for the true detectives roaming or visiting Scotland. The bill at the end of the night is handed to in a smaller envelope with the words ‘Case Closed’ written on the front. Attention to detail is considered throughout your whole experience when visiting Bullard & Worth.

Bramble Bar

“City Alterations, Professional Tailoring & Drycleaning”

16A Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE

Bramble is a hidden jewel among the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, and a favoured hangout among the bartenders, so you know it’ll be fantastic. Below a Drycleaners it is easy to miss!

With the leather seats against brick walls, the interior is definitely dated and feels warm and homely. Their menus are held within old books to match the rest of the theme within the bar.

Their cocktails are known for being absolutely delicious as well as beautiful. They have well thought out recipes with attention to detail when designing the taste. At Bramble, they have around 40 gins for you to choose from and try. So if you are a gin lover then this is the perfect speakeasy for you!

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