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Elfingrove – Scotlands Largest Ice Rink opens this winter in Glasgow.

This multi-million-pound investment in Glasgow will result in the opening of a fresh new Elfingrove show.

What’s going on? –  The revival of itison’s Christmas performance, Elfingrove, has been announced. The team will use the multi-million-pound investment to build the Elfin Trail along the River Elfin, as well as the “Ice Experience”, the country’s largest ice rink.

What to anticipate?  – The Elfin Trail will lead visitors on a ‘walk of wonder down’ the River Elfin through Kelvingrove Park, where they will discover seven fantastic animals brought to life by a world-class team of sound, lighting, and set designers, before arriving at the Kingdom of Elfingrove and Street Food Town.

The Ice Experience will see the construction of Scotland’s largest ice track, specifically created for skaters to enjoy an experience to rival the world’s great cities as they enjoy ice skating under a covered see-through canopy against the backdrop of the Kelvingrove Museum.

Skaters may enjoy a warm mallow-inspired hot drink and dessert at the Mallow Café, which is located on the ice.

The event is expected to create over 200 jobs and bring in millions of pounds to the local economy.

When is Elfingrove 2021 scheduled to take place?

Elfingrove will turn the banks of the Kelvin and the majestic Kelvingrove structure into an immersive and spectacular 60-minute adventure from December 2 to December 24.

The Elfingrove Legacy Fund (E.L.F), a community involvement initiative that sees thousands of tickets donated to families in need and funding a capital project in the city, will return for the event.

Itison will be releasing trailers and more information about the game in the coming days, so make sure you’re following Elfingrove on Facebook and Instagram.

Oli Norman, CEO of itison and director of Elfingrove, said: “From Rockefeller Centre in New York to Ice World in Vienna, I’ve skated some of the world’s most iconic rinks. To create our own at Kelvingrove Museum to rival those great cities is a real honour.”

“With the Elfin Trail, we’ve created a truly magical winter walk of wonder in an area of Kelvingrove Park that takes you down to the River Kelvin (Elfin!). If you enjoy GlasGLOW you’re going to love the Elfin Trail.”

This year’s event is gearing up to be something very special, make sure you don’t miss out on this magical Christmas event! 

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