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Top 3 Places To Eat & Drink Your Fill

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We all shall admit that once or twice. Our Human needs gets the best of us. But in celebration of friendship and the good Irish spirit. We need to know which places are worth to iVisit when you feel peckish not only for good food and drinks but for good company.

The Golf Tavern, Edinburgh

One of the oldest pubs in the entire country still vibes with passion. Enjoy a drink or two, the live music and
the food that they serve. Enjoy a delightful night with your friends even if they are not humans as dogs are always welcome!!

The Scotch Whisky Experience

Live a magical experience with one of the most emblematic spirits in the world. Let the experts guide you on your experience. Don’t forget to get some to enjoy at home.

Waxy O’Connor’s Glasgow

Not only have a fantastic scenery but it also brings the Irish Spirit all the way to Scotland. The finest beers, spirits and food you might find in town accompany with your friends make it a perfect combination for a good time.

I hope this little list has inspired you to go and iVisit your local stablishments. Don’t forget to drink responsibly and not drive recklessly

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