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This week in Scotland, the Leonid meteor shower takes place.

Leonid meteor shower 2021: How to see it unfold

During the darker months of the year, the Cairngorms’ Tomintoul and Glenlivet areas offer spectacular astronomy possibilities. The Cairngorms Astronomy Group hosts dark sky activities throughout the year. This location is convenient for amateur astronomers, night photographers, and enthusiasts looking for breathtaking views.

When will the Leonid meteor shower hit the United Kingdom?

The best time to watch the Leonid meteor shower in the UK this week is between midnight and daybreak on Thursday morning. It will be brightest shortly before dawn when the moon has set, and projections say that we may see up to 15 meteors each hour. The meteor shower is expected to be visible throughout the month, although it will be greatest and hence most visible early on November 18.

Is the Leonid meteor shower visible in Scotland?

Certain circumstances must be followed in order to see the Leonid meteor shower, including a clear night sky. Unfortunately, the weather in Scotland for early Thursday morning is forecast to be overcast and rainy, which will make sighting shooting stars difficult. With more intermittent clouds and dry weather anticipated, those in the south will have a higher chance of watching the spectacle.

However, we can’t count out witnessing the meteor shower in Scotland for good; although though the peak of the Leonid shower will be on Thursday morning, the Leonid shower may continue in the days ahead, albeit with fewer meteors. It’s advisable to keep your eyes open during the next several days in the hopes of catching a glimpse of some shooting stars.

Where do I have the best chance of seeing shooting stars?

Shooting stars are generally easier to spot in rural areas away from street lights and light pollution. It’s also beneficial to be in a large open area so that you can view as many stars as possible.

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