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Instagramable Scottish Castles in the Snow

We present some astonishing photos of Scottish Castles and Heritage sites in the snow.

Snow, one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Often associated with purity and frailty for its colour & because it doesn’t last long. But if you look at it when it’s fresh fallen, it will leave you a lasting impression worth a picture. So here we present some astonishing photos of Scottish Castles and Heritage sites in the snow.

Blackness Castle

Most known lately for its usage in the film of the TV series Outlander. Because of its unusual shape, this royal property has been nicknamed “The ship that never sailed”.

Craigmillar Castle

You will find this historical monument not far away from the city of Edinburgh. It was used as a retreat for Queen Mary of the Scots to convalesce after the illness she suffered in 1566. Where she plotted the assassination of her husband Henry Stuart or otherwise known as Lord Darnley.

Ring of Brodgar

Situated 6 miles North East from Stromness, Oakley. This Neolithic henge is the only one that forms an almost perfect circle. It has been hard to verify the age of this Heritage site through scientific methods.

Edinburgh castle

The gem of the center of Edinburgh is this castle situated on top of Castle Rock as the perpetual protector of the city. Fun fact: It holds the title of the most besieged castle in the UK and one of the most attacked in the world.

Melrose Abbey

This ruined monastery is actually one of the most important burial sites for Scottish Royalty. Many are still buried underneath them which may have been the inspiration for John Morrow to inscribe “Be halde to ye hende” “Keep in mind, the end, your salvation”.

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