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The Scottish Charity Training Future Stars

Glasgow Acting Academy is a registered Scottish charity that strives to help the youth of today reach their goals.

The Glasgow Acting Academy SCIO is among Scotland’s most fascinating training platforms for the younger generation (aged 4-18) in the performing arts, and it takes pride in providing high-quality teaching and learning experience, as well as a special family-like atmosphere and accessibility to its students. The Glasgow Acting Academy itself is a licensed Scottish charity that operates as a non-profit organisation for 50 weeks out of the year.

Whether a student desires to seek a future career within the performing arts, or if they simply wish to increase their self-confidence, meet new people, and have a good time, their primary goal is to nurture their young people’s talents, to develop important exchangeable communication as well as social skills, and to encourage self-expression by encouraging those to step away from their comfort zone in a secure, judgement-free environment.

They provide an insight into the world of a working performer and the performing arts industry, with their classes and workshops taught by professionally qualified working actors and musicians. 

With plenty of shows to audition for each year the youth of today will get a chance to perform in front of a Scottish crowd and showcase their talent. They offer some incredible classes that will teach your children how to act on stage and how to engage an audience with plenty of different workshops ranging from production classes to musical theatre techniques!

Workshops targeted to the students’ age range are held in the Acting Technique programmes, and they include a variety of theatre skills, acting concepts, and acting theories. Students will participate in group activities and individual tasks during the three-hour courses, which will encourage creative thinking, teamwork, and self-expression while also promoting teamwork. Scripts and texts will be used to help the young people develop their total understanding and knowledge of acting for stage and screen. Group devising, improvisation activities, drama games, and roleplays will also be used to help them boost their confidence and improve their performance skills while having a good time.

Find out more about these classes below:

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