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Newest Addition to the Edinburgh Dungeon

Someone new has decided to join the Edinburgh Dungeon to lurk in the dark corners of their set.

The Edinburgh Dungeon is scarily fun! You can participate in the 70-minute walk, which is interactive where you come face to face with characters in their sets where they tell you their stories and the history of Scotland. Bringing 1000s of years back to life!

This year on July 17th the Dungeon welcomed a new guest who was prepared to share their story and teach the history of their world back in 1561!

Mary Queen of Scots – The Cursed Crown

Mary is back! In 1561 Mary Queen of Scots had returned back to Scotland. This time she has decided to return back to Scotland’s Edinburgh Dungeon! The set represents Loch Leven Castle, entering the castle you will hear the story of how Mary Queen of Scots lived and what she had experienced when living here. You will also learn about her death when listening to the interesting story of Mary Queen of Scots. This castle has also been rumoured to have been haunted, mainly by Mary so be wary when entering. You may end up witnessing the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots yourself!

You will have the opportunity to learn about the eventful life that Mary had lived as Scotland’s most famous queen. You will also discover the number of people who had betrayed Mary ad how they did this exactly. As well as learning about Mary’s death, learning when it was and how it happened.

There are plenty more brilliant shows within Edinburgh Dungeon where you can discover plenty of history and learn the dark stories from Scotland. And this immersive experience even includes some thrilling rides to set the scene!

Book and meet Mary Queen of Scots now:

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