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The Shortest Flight in The World

Did you know the worlds shortest commercial flight is actually right here in Scotland? Find out where, it is and why it exists…

From take-off to landing.

From take-off to landing, the shortest flight in the world lasts a little over 90 seconds. Loganair provides a 1.7-mile trip from Westray to Papa Westray. Return included a flight can cost as little as £20. Trips on the worlds shortest flight are easily accessible on Saturdays, Sunday’s and everyday bidirectional. The plane can take up to eight travellers and is flown by a single pilot. Because the trip is so brief, it might have taken off and landed in the time it took you to read this article. To show how near the two runways are, the photo below shows both of them in the same image, with Papa Westray being the closer of the two.

The shortest flight in the world from island to island

So why do people take the shortest flight in the world?

You might be wondering why such a short flight exists. With a population of only 90 people, Papa Westray is a relatively tiny island. That’s the same number of people that can squeeze onto two single-decker buses! This island can only be reached via ferry or plane. When it comes to speed, though, the boat is no match for the plane. The flights also are coupled alongside trips into and out of Kirkwall Airport, Orkney’s primary airport. The majority of passengers take this trip as a connecting flight or as part of their daily commute. If you’re searching for something unusual to do or just want to see a propeller plane, we strongly suggest taking this flight. First-time travellers can also receive a certificate certifying that they have flown the world’s shortest flight.

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