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Platform is an exclusive exhibition for early-career artists, presenting audiences to a new generation of contemporary artists living in Scotland each year.
Art Installation
Art Installation

Scotland is a place that is renowned for its lakes, whiskey, it is shrouded in mystery and myth, from its painted peoples to their great walls such as Hadrian’s and Antonine’s Walls. Myth and mystery aside, Scotland is also known for writers such as Robert Burns, a notable poet for the Romantic movement, who delved into literature that focused on emotion and individualism. Burns helped to pioneer literature in Scotland, and intern Art, through his work on Emotion and Individualism. 

Born around the same time as Robert Burns, Henry Raeburn, a portrait painter to be,  was showing huge amounts of artistic talent as a young man in Edinburgh He then moved to London where he met painter, Joshua Reynolds in 1784. He then began painting rich, and important people of his day and was constantly in demand, and was even knighted when he visited Edinburgh in 1822. Henry and Burns, along with those that came before and after them, have helped to shape a whole generation of artists and writers. 

Institut français d’Ecosse

Platform is a dedicated showcase for young artists that are in the early stages of building their careers. Each year introducing a new generation of young artists that are based in Scotland. 

This year,  work was presented as part of a group exhibition held at the Institut francais d’Ecosse will see work from Jessica Higgins, Danny Pagarani, Kirsty Russell and Isabella Widger. The exhibition will encompass a wide range of media approaches and themes. The selected projects share a collective interest in how infrastructures of knowledge are constructed and disseminated. 

Kirsty Russell’s textile-based sculptural work looks at the forming of ideas of support and care and how they can manifest in objects and materials. 

Danny Pagarani’s latest piece began due to a fixation with Krio-English homophones—words that sound the same but have different meanings. Through the processes of consuming literature and materials, concludes that the thing itself is “the father’s strange tongue.” 

Isabella Widger’s installation looks at the world of Gustave Flaubert, and the story of a maid in service. From this, Isabella can consider the conditions of labour during the 19th and 21st centuries.

Jessica Higgins The narrative of a debt advice helpline worker is told in the guise of a form of a drama lodged in an infected ear.

This free exhibition is around for the month of August and is a great opportunity to take in some Scottish heritage as well as some thought-provoking artwork. 


Jessica Higgins, Danny Pagarani, Kirsty Russell and Isabella Widger


Institut Français d’Ecosse

West Parliament Sq, Edinburgh, EH1 1RF


0131 226 6558


29 JULY – 29 AUGUST 


10am – 5pm


  • 29 July – 1 August 
  • 2 August – 8 August 
  • 9 August – 15 August 
  • 16 August – 22 August 
  • 23 August – 29 August 

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