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Top 3 Places to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We have created our top 3 list of places to visit to reignite that creativity!

Keeping your artistic side inspired is a big challenge for artistic people. It is very important to prevent yourself from getting yourself into a state of creative burnout. We have created our top 3 list of places to visit to reignite that creativity!

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is an incredible art gallery and sculpture park located in Edinburgh. Entry tickets cost as little as £10 for an adult or you can buy a family ticket for just £28. Throughout the year, they host an excellent range of events, exhibitions, workshops, activities and more!

Walk among these stunning sculptures created by Tania Kovats, Andy Goldsworthy, Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley, Anya Gallaccio, Christian Boltanski, Cornelia Parker, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jim Lambie, Laura Ford, Mark Quinn, Nathan Coley, Pablo Bronstein, and Phyllida Barlow in the 120-acres ofwoodland and meadow.

Kelburn Castle

There is no written record of when Kelburn Castle was first built, but it is thought to be have been around 1143. The Castle enveloped the stone tower in 1581 so the two periods are now difficult to distinguish from the outside. In 1700, the 1st Earl doubled the size of the building by adding a William-and-Mary style mansion house onto the Castle at a slight angle.

The castle’s graffiti project was a unique idea designed to take graffiti art away from its urban context and place it on a permanent display on the walls of a historical castle. Kelburn brought together four of the world’s leading graffiti artists from Brazil to work alongside Scottish talent, to create a unique burst of colour, embracing the walls and turrets of the south side of Kelburn Castle.

Clearly, the risky project was definitely worth it!

Loch Lomond Faerie Trail

The Loch Lomond Faerie Trail is a magical day out for the fairy lovers. Although it is aimed towards children, many adults visit and take part in the trail. A Child Ticket (3-12) costs around £5 and Adult Tickets (13+) cost around £4 and dogs are welcome too! This is probably the most magical way to get some creative inspiration.

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